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This Life Of Travel is a digital travel publication who's main purpose is to inspire others to see the world, share beautiful content in a stylish way, and to bring storytellers, photographers, and digital nomads together to celebrate the magic that is travel.


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Meet Henry

Henry is a San Francisco based travel, portrait, and lifestyle photographer. From navigating insane rush hour traffic in Hanoi via motorbike to watching Caribbean baby turtles hatch under the full moon, Henry loves to capture the moment with his lens and to convey the emotion of the moment to the viewer.

Meet Zory

Zory is visual designer and fashion blogger living in San Francisco, California. She’s a Bulgarian born shoe addict, Netflix binge watcher and travel enthusiast. Her personal style is influenced by her unique and broad spectrum of life experiences - from immersing herself into different cultures to being inspired by everyday interactions on the street, on the screen, or through art in local museums.


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