Allbirds Review - Are these really the “world's most comfortable shoes”?

Have you ever wanted to walk around on soft clouds while being the envy of everyone around you?

Known as “the world’s most comfortable shoes”, we took a couple pairs of Allbirds Wool Runners and Loungers with us around the world to test that claim out! Game on!

walking allbirds

Wait, what are these things made of?

You know how fluffy and soft Merino Sheep look like?

Well, Albirds shoes are like if these sheep and some clouds got together and had a baby.. for your feet.

Yes, they are that comfortable.

soft sheep allbirds
allbirds wool

But How?

For starters, the Merino Wool fibers in Wool Runners and Loungers are only 1/5 the size of a human hair - making them very breathable, moisture wicking, and temperature regulating, all without the irritating scratchiness you’ve experienced from normal wool products.

On the bottom is a crazy cushy outsole made of low density foam and rubber. The insole is also partly made of castor oil, adding to the sustainable score of the shoe.

It takes Allbirds about 60% less energy to make a shoe vs your typical synthetic sneaker. Yay to saving the world AND having happy feet!

So how do they look?

Lets just say that we’ve never gotten so many compliments during our travels before we started wearing our Allbirds!

The Wool Runners and Loungers have a minimalistic design with no logos anywhere. You can pick from standard colors such as gray or white to bright pastel colors like pink or violet.

allbirds norway wool runners
allbirds wool loungers
allbirds wool runners loungers
allbirds pink wool loungers

Our Allbirds matched perfectly with our travel wardrobe most of the time - which is a big deal since it’s a pain to carry more than one pair of shoes while traveling.

allbirds wool loungers white

Are they durable?

Merino Sheep live in particularly hardy environments that are too harsh for other types of sheep. So yeah, they are basically super-sheep and make super merino wool that withstand the test of nature!

To be sure, we took our Allbirds on a six month trip around Southeast Asia and Europe with climates varying from sub-tropical in Thailand to winter-like in the Arctic Circle. Our Wool Runners and Loungers barely skipped a beat and were in great condition afterwards.

allbirds tree loungers bergen

How did we keep them so clean?

Since they’re made of wool - we were able to wash them by hand in the sink with a little soap and warm water. Then we dried them in the sun for a day and voila like new again!

Risk-free to try them out!

Allbirds gives you a 30 day window to try out the shoes. If you don't love them, you can return them no questions asked! They end up donating the shoes to Soles4Souls, an organization that gives shoes to those in need. So it's a win-win in any scenario! You’ve got nothing to lose, except for getting an addiction to beautiful, comfortable shoes!

dancing sheep allbirds