How To Bargain In India or Asia

No matter how many brands we have stocked in our wardrobes, street shopping has an unmatched allure. The thrill you get out of snagging great deals is out of this world (at least for me)! Here are few quick tips on bargaining at any market:

  • Dress down & be confident. It’s time to bargain, baby! Shopkeepers always and I mean always profile.
  • Markets with no fixed prices are tricky. After you get the item of your desire you often end up not being satisfied because you think that maybe you overpaid. To avoid that nagging feeling you should come up with a price that is a steal FOR YOU. There is no such thing as a right price - if the vendor is selling it to you they are definitely making a profit.. so you should approach the transaction the same way. It only matters if you like the piece in relation to how much you paid. 
  • Since most bargain markets don't offer fitting rooms I like to wear a simple pair of tights and a fitting tank top. Since your basic outfit is comfortable, you can (maybe) try clothes right over it and/or you will have an easier time imagining the fit by holding it over your body.
  • Bring a shoulder cotton tote bag. You want to have your hands free to browse the market.
  • Scout as many shops as possible before approaching any store just to ensure that you have seen what’s on offer. 
  • Never show too much enthusiasm. Shopkeepers can smell blood in the water. 
  • I found that it always works best if you smile and make jokes. Don't be aggressive and/or defensive. Be playful and have fun :)
  • Ask open ended questions and let the vendors set the starting bid.
  • To get the best price be willing to walk away. Many times, if you walk away and they don't try to stop you, then you know your asking price was too low. But if they do stop you from leaving, you know you have some room to bargain.
  • Have NO SHAME and get your bargaining face on.
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