Amanbagh Review - Taste The Maharaja Life


Rajasthan, long known for its sumptious regal history of beautiful palaces, forts, and royalty, is home to one of Aman's most beautiful properties - Amanbagh. From the moment you walk in and are welcomed with an enchanting chorus sung by the staff to the moment you leave with a traditional Rajasthani blessing, you get a glimpse of what is must have been like to been a Maharaja back in the day.


From the Sanskrit word for peace ‘Aman’ and the Hindi word for garden ‘Bagh,’ the property is a green oasis full of palm and various types of fruit trees. 


The Rooms

The property has 24 Haveli suites (8 courtyard, 8 garden, 8 terrace) and 16 Pool Pavilions. All of the suites and pavilions are fantastic, but our preference would be the pool pavilion as you get your own temperature controlled private pool.


Glorious high dome ceilings and luxurious pink marble are some of the things that greet you when entering the pool pavilion. The enormous king sized bed with its soft silk sheets along with a beautiflly carved marble tub are just some of the highlights of the pool pavilion. 


Oh and did I mention you also have a private pool in the back? Well, you'll also be sharing it with some local monkeys that often come in the afternoon to play and frolick near the pool!


Aman Hospitality

Aman, known for it's spectacular hospitality, put together an amazing candle-lit dinner complete with flower decorations and music. It was definitely an experience that we'll never forget.


Also about that dinner, breakfast is no slouch at Amanbagh either. Sourcing from the hotel's own organic garden, you can pick any number of items ala carte from the breakfast menu. We tried not to go overboard but it was hard since everything was so delicious!


One of the lovely staff who greeted us after dinner one night with a lovely song and Rajasthani blessing.


Feeling like a real Rajasthani Maharaja from the royal treatment at Amanbagh!


Catching some rays at the one of the many pools here at Amanbagh.


Among the many excursions provided by Amanbagh include tiger viewing in the area, yoga and meditation at Bhangarh fort, and a viewing of the beautiful stepwell at Abaneri. Our favorite part was riding in the open-air Indian made jeep with our well dressed driver who seemed to be right out of some Indiana Jones movie.


Haveli Rooms start at $600 USD/night and the Pool Pavilion goes for $1150 USD a night. 

Book a room directly from Aman here. You'll definitely have an unforgettable time here.