The Strand Yangon

Jewel of myanmar

The Strand Yangon, one of the jewels of Myanmar, is back with a flourish after a six month renovation hiatus. No detail was left unturned as artisans and architects meticulously tweaked and restored everything from the teak wood panels to the original marble floors. The founders, the famous Sarkies Brothers, who also created the famous Singapore Raffles Hotel, would be proud. 


Part of the renovations was to include a pool, perfect for those hot days and those wanting a respite from the noise of Yangon.

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The Grand Lobby, with its high ceilings, colonial architecture, rattan chairs, and Chesterfield sofas has both classic and modern touches. 

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stunning bedroom suites

The renovated suites are a beauty to behold with their high ceilings, teakwood floors, freshly cut flowers, and intricate Burmese lacquerware. Every detail is well thought out from the patterned rugs to the beautifully framed vintage photos of Myanmar. We especially loved the color pattern of the bathroom tile floors.

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delicious food served in a classy setting

We also couldn't get enough of the Sarkies Cafe. The breakfast served in the morning is absolutely fantastic. From local Burmese delicacies to delicious and buttery croissants, you'll definitely start the day off right here.

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The Sarkies Bar has hosted famous luminaries such as Orson Welles, Rudyard Kipling, Prince Edward VIII, and Mick Jagger.

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For a special treat, make sure to book a reservation at The Strand Restaurant, headed by Executive Chef Christian Martena, who has been trained with some of Europe's most famous Michelin-starred kitchens.

Check room availability here. Rooms start at $400 USD a night.