Banyan Tree Bangkok - Oasis In An Urban Jungle


The Banyan Tree Bangkok is an oasis in the urban jungle of Bangkok with its spacious suites, comfortable beds, and quiet interior. You can also enjoy sweeping views of the city from your room, as well as the decadent rooftop boat shaped Vertigo bar and restaurant that seemingly floats above Bangkok.


We really loved the view from our room! You can see the Chao Phraya River in the distance.


Just a little playtime after a night of the best sleep ever!


I mean seriously - the view from the rooms are just awesome. Right guys?


Yes, we kinda did spend a lot of time gawking at the views...


Treating yourself to a relaxing bath after a long day exploring Bangkok.


They've even got a luminescent bamboo forest inside the hotel! 


With temperatures hitting near 40 C/104 F at times, you'll love the 21st floor outdoor pool!


Foodies won't be disappointed with the outstanding breakfast buffet, especially if you love freshly cut papapa, dragonfruit, and watermelon.

2017-11-15 18.21.04-2-1_zory.jpg
2017-11-15 17.55.34-1_zory.jpg

The rooftop Vertigo bar and restaurant has some of the best views of Bangkok. Make sure you stop here for dinner or a drink at sunset.


The city that never sleeps - Bangkok. But if you do want some great sleep, Banyan Tree Bangkok will let you do that too. :)

Book a room from Banyan Tree Bangkok here. Rates start around $125 in low season and $200 in high season.