Changchui Plane Market - Bangkok


In a city bustling with mega-malls, outdoor shopping areas, and pop up shops - sometimes it’s difficult to decide which new and upcoming scene is worth checking out. The new Changchui market in the Thonburi district is definitely one to consider making the trip for. The eccentric founder and owner of Flynow fashion brand - Somchai “Lim” Songwattana - named it Changchui which roughly translates to ‘So Careless’.  The name is derived from what he considers is the soul of Thailand - the careless, laid-back people of the country. Through all the chaos and mess of the country, it’s beautiful to him and this market is it’s representation.


The HUGE salvaged metal airplane sitting in the middle of the whole market is alone worth the trip here. The plane is named ‘Na-Oh’ after Noah’s Ark - as the future plan is to have it filled with stuffed animals while serving food inside. I also spotted a giant slide on the side - hopefully thats what I think it is! :)

Na-Oh was purchased from Thai Sky Airlines at Don Mueang Airport and then re-assembled on site. If this place was at a market in the States, it’d be all over Instagram and Buzzfeed - but here in Thailand, things like this are quite normal.


Due to Lim’s love for the past and sustainable living, he chose to build most of the structures with old wooden windows, vintage doors, and salvaged metal. You’ll see many buildings built in an artistic way with tons of natural lighting streaming in.


One of the places with beautiful light and architecture is this amazing bookstore. It’s the perfect place to read a book, chill with friends, or get some stuff done on your laptop.


There's all sorts of interesting and beautiful artwork scattered throughout the market. 


With no shortage of inventive and delicious food here, one of our favorite restaurants here was 'One Ounce For Onion'.


After a day of perusing and walking, make sure to stop by The Tea House for a fantastic cup of tea, surrounded by beautiful decoration.


For movie buffs, there’s a vintage theater screening all sorts of interesting documentaries and films by local directors.

If you like live music, there is an excellent venue with many local bands coming through all the time.

For the adventurous, there’s a restaurant that only serves insect-based food!

With 4.3 acres of land, Changchui has space to grow. They are seemingly adding new shops, restaurants, and cafes all the time. 

How to get here:

It’s a bit of a trek to get to ChangChui, but I found it worthwhile. Google Map -

By Taxi/Car/Grab/Uber:

Have them drop you off here -

By Bus:

Takes the Air-con 515, 539 bus (from Victory Monument station) to Bang Kruai station (Outbound), Thonburi Highway District office station (Inbound)

More info here: