Bermuda - 7 Reasons To Visit All Year Round


In a world of full of dreamy archipelagos, Bermuda really dazzles with it’s postcard perfect pink sand beaches, turquoise water, and friendly locals. Whether you’ve come to frolic in the perfect waters of Warwick Long Bay, stroll along the pastel colors of Hamilton, or take in a round of golf at the picturesque Fairmont Southampton, you’ll find yourself in a delightful mix of British tinged culture dressed in Bermuda shorts and long socks. 

After a couple days on the island, we couldn’t agree more with all the accolades being heaped on Bermuda. So we came up with 7 great reasons to visit Bermuda all year round!

Impossibly Pristine Water and Pink/White Sand

bermuda fairmont beach

We’ve been to our fair share of breathtaking beaches and azure waters, but nothing could have prepared us for the stunning pink beaches of Bermuda. One of our favorites was Warwick Long Bay, just a short drive from the Fairmont Southampton, with its pastel beaches that ran for miles and seemingly had barely a soul minus the random jogger or tourist here or there. There were several limestone coves all along the Bay which make for fantastic all day hangout spots.


Pastel Pretty Buildings


All over Bermuda you’ll notice that most of the houses are painted with  vibrant pastel colors. The history of these pastel colors date all the way  back to the 17th  century and  reflect the vibrant and positive attitude of Bermudians! You’ll find a variety of pastel yellow, green, pink, blue, green, peach, and more! 


Fairmont Southampton


Perched on a hill, this timeless pretty pink resort boasts it’s own private pink hinged beach and award winning golf resort with 18 challenging par 3 holes. You can also pamper yourself at the excellent Willow Stream Spa with a soothing massage and time in the steam inhalation room and sauna. If that’s not enough, dining at the old world Waterlot Inn to the end the day is sure to whisk you away to another era. 


Year Round Great Weather


With the Gulfstream flowing between North American and Bermuda - the resulting weather here is fantastic all year round. Additionally there isn’t an official rainy season and when it does rain, they are quick outbursts that are over before you know it. Peak temperatures during summer are 85 F with a cool breeze at night, while temperatures during winter hover around 65 F at it’s lowest point.

Recreational Options


Looking to stay active while visiting paradise?  Go rock climbing or cliff jumping at Admiralty House Park, paddle around Bermuda’s coves with clear bottom kayaks, go golfing on some of the most spectacular holes in the world at the Fairmont Southampton, or even explore a sea sanctuary by sea scooter or snorkel.

Fun Road Trips


Rent an eco-friendly electric Twizzy to easily get around the 21 square mile island. There are charging stations and special parking lots conveniently located all over the island - just for Twizzy cars! 

bermuda twizy


bermuda hermes.jpg

Bermuda offers some of the best diving, especially wreck diving (over 300 wrecks) - due to the large number of reefs surrounding the island. Recommended dive sites include the Mary Celestia, Hermes, Constellation and Montana, Virginia Merchant, and Tarpon Hole.

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