Gift Ideas For Creatives & Travelers

The Holiday season is upon us! To save you from gift picking fatigue - we’ve put together a list with our FAVORITE products. These are things we swear by, travel with, and use on daily basis!


1. Allbirds

These have become our new favorite travel sneakers! We love the fact that this is a San Francisco based company and in true local spirit - the product is slick, comfortable and sustainable! Allbirds are packable, comfortable (like fluffy clouds), easy to wash on the road, and are ultimately great for both travelers and home bodies. Browse their awesome selection HERE. Hint: Our favorites are the WOOL series.


2. Photography backdrops

Want to ace your flat lay game? Discover our favorite and affordable photo backdrops from Ink & Elm. These light and packable backdrops printed on durable PVC come in a great selection of textures such as marble, concrete and wood looks. We are obsessed!

Bonus tip: For flat lays you might also want to get soft box lighting to make sure your images are evenly and beautifully lit. This portable version by Lime Studio is worth checking out!

Image of Zory setting up her flat lay with Ink & Elm

Image of Zory setting up her flat lay with Ink & Elm


3. Moment Gear

Photography gear can get really heavy, really fast. This is why we love Moment’s lenses for mobile phones. Easily mount portrait, wide angle, or fish eye lenses on your iPhone or Android. Optionally, use the Moment app to shoot in manual to maximize the power of your smartphone camera.


4. Quality Luggage

Traveling can be stressful. Besides your passport, luggage is the next most important thing you carry when you travel. It’s a good idea to invest in a high quality rolling companion that won’t cause you any trouble. Our current favorite are BRIC’S Milano’s stylish luggage sets. Browse their selection HERE and remember: Good luggage takes you good places!


5. TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry

If you travel as often as we do you probably already have TSA pre-check. Skip the lines and get straight to your gate OR the airport lounge! Tip: Many credit cards now offer $100 credit for TSA pre-check or Global Entry, shop around for the offer that suits you best.

An even better option would be to apply for Global Entry which zips you right through USA immigration when returning from an International trip. You also automatically get TSA Pre-Check if you’re approved for Global Entry.


6. Travel Size Cosmetics

Your skin and hair can experience quite a lot of stress when you are on the road. Always bring your favorite travel size cosmetics with you. We love buying Sephora’s gift/value sets as they are the perfect travel size. Our favorites is the Instant Texture Set but they have a lot of variety, browse the full selection HERE.


7. Netflix Membership

Inflight entertainment is okay on some flights but I prefer to not leave things to chance and maximize my time by catching up on my favorite tv shows. Pre-download your picks on Netflix and be flight/commute ready.


8. Packable Tote

If you’re like me and are an avid shopper - this one is for you. I always bring this tote bag (which expands to the size of a small checked luggage) when I travel to destinations that have great bargains. If I end up shopping a lot (which i often do), I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to ship everything back - i just check this tote as a second bag and call it a day.


9. Fairy Lights

Easy to carry - fairy lights are a great way to get that Pinterest-worthy shot. This all season super fun prop can add some magic to your feed. We often use this battery operated design and/or this star shaped one.


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