How To Eat Your Way Through Smorgasburg LA Properly

A spinoff of the Brooklyn outdoor foodie event, LA aimed to shoot high with this clone and boy did they ever hit the mark.

Located in DTLA in a new commercial development located near the now vacant American Apparel warehouse, you can just feel the potential of the place the moment you walk in. Surrounded by large warehouses, that are in the middle of beautiful renovation, a large gathering of food trucks, tables, and hungry patrons mill about every Sunday. On loudspeakers, a nice mix of the latest indie songs play while the waft of a wide array of delicious smells go by.

We let our noses and eyes guide us at Smorgasburg and while we wish we could have eaten everything, even me with my extra stomachs couldn't do it.


Probably my favorite food truck of the whole event, this place had the highest quality food across the menu. 

The Nomad - a chicken sandwich with truffle sauce, frisee, and pickled shallots was a perfect match made in heaven. I wouldn't have changed anything except for not getting another one.

Humm Dog - bacon wrapped hot dog with black truffle and celery relish. The bun was toasted perfectly - crispy on the outside and soft/buttery on the inside. The truffle sauce just worked so well with the hot dog and celery relish also.

Milk Soft Serve - the milkiest soft serve we've had in quite some time! Complete with honey and crunchy, chewy toppings - it was the best dessert we had in Smorgasburg.

The Jolly Oyster

When I saw that they were selling freshly cut Santa Barbara Sea Urchin for $15, I had to get one. 

Turned out it was the right call. 

I've eat great sea urchin (uni) in Japan and San Francisco, but never fresh from the shell like this. By far, this was probably the best uni I'd ever had. Creamy, sweet, and also briney - I highly recommend any uni fan to promptly get this if you're nearby on a Sunday.

Todo Verde

It's summertime in LA and temps can get into the upper 90's. Quench your thirst with an aqua fresca from Todo Verde.

With drinks like Guacamaya (Avocado, Cucumber, Orange, Chia Seeds, Maple Syrup) and Lavanda (Asian Pear, Rosemary, Chia Seeds, and Maple Syrup) you really can't go wrong.

Ensaymada Project

An ensaymada is a yummy Filipino desert bun that's super soft and topped or filled with magic to make you smile. They also make savory versions, but the sweet tooth was only interested in the sugary ones!

I ended up picking the Ube Ensaymada. It was delicious! They even warm it up for ya!

Some things we really wanted to try but were too stuffed :



Goa Taco

URBN Pizza

Paloma's Paletas

Donut Friend

Hot Star Fried Chicken (all the way from taiwan!!)

Banh Oui

Black Sugar Ribs

Until next time Smorgasburg!! I'll be sure to fast for a couple days before I come again!