Best of Burning Man 2019 Art Photos

Another year in the magical dust with so many fantastic memories of connections made with old and new friends alike..

One of my favorite parts of Burning Man is going out with my camera to capture stories and moments.

Building on my recap of the art from 2018, here are some photos of the wonderful art from 2019!

Please enjoy and share it with others if you like.

Thanks and many dusty hugs to you all,

Humminglion (Henry)

Bee Dance by Andrew Greenless.jpg

Dancing Bees by Andrea Greenlees and Andy Tibbetts

The idea came from forager bees who do a little dance with other bees as a way of communication. They’re wearing ballet shoes too.

The Folly

The Folly by David Keane

This wooden shantytown was one of my favorite art pieces on the playa this year. It had all sorts of beautiful details everywhere with climbable towers, old western storefronts, and lovely vantage points from all corners.

Cloud Swing by Lindsay Glatz.jpg

dream Swing by Lindsay Glatz and William Nemitoff

Seemingly suspended in midair - these glowing clouds invited playtime by changing all sorts of colors when in midair.

White Metal Spire.jpg

Elevation by Michael Christian, Auriah Milanes, Scottie Chapman and David Andres

This lovely metal spire was made for climbing. At the top is a throne chair facing the rest of playa and the best seat in the house for sunset.


Awful’s Gas & Snack by Matthew Gerring and Crank Factory

A fully functioning gas station from the future - this was one my go to places for sunrise. All sorts of random people would walk by and the lovely ensuing conversations were worth the trek to the trash fence. In this case, a guy on an electric one wheeler wearing butterfly wings popped a purple smoke canister just as I was pulling my camera out!

Head Maze by Matthew Schultz.jpg

Head Maze by Matthew Schultz and The Pier

This giant head represents the complexity of our mind. On one side the face is in calm repose but on the other side - the head has been clawed open in frustration. When it was open, you could crawl into the four story maze complete with 18 rooms.


Stone 27 by Benjamin Langholz

These 1000 lb stones were attached to steel wires and look like they’re hanging in mid-air. As you step onto them, they shake a bit and seem unstable.. especially at the very top.

Singing Spheres.jpg

Desert Wave by Squidsoup

Resembling a breaking wave - each light would sing a tone as the light wave passed through. Completely mesmerizing and one of the most beautifully done pieces on the playa this year for sure.

michael benisty

Broken People by Michael Benisty

Similar to his piece from last year - this piece has two silver people but this time they are broken, yet still have each other. Juxtaposed along the sky and desert - they seem to blend into the background.

Paraluna by Christopher Schardt

Paraluna by Christopher Schardt

This giant spinning disc of LEDs played alongside classical musical with all kinds of swirling and trippy artwork. At times the spinning disc would lower into the crowd, making it feel like it was right on top of you. This was taken during the wednesday night orchestra concert which was synced with the Paraluna disc. Mind-blowing.

Expansion Pavilion

Expansion Pavilion by Shrine

This mega colorful art piece was almost completely made from recycled cans and bottles. When it was especially windy, the cacophony from all the metal parts clanging together was thunderous.

Awfuls Gas.jpg

I just had to include another shot of Awful’s Gas because the car pulling up was just too cartoon perfect.

Connections by Oxana 2.jpg

Connections by Oxana Belka

These hand painted mannequins were all the way to the trash fence in deep playa. Each head had a blooming flower petal in its place.

White Dragon.jpg

Probably the coolest art car I saw on the playa all week - the White Dragon was the perfect finale to the Black Rock Philharmonic sunset show midweek,

Transmutation by Arturo Gonzalez.jpg

Transmutation by Arturo Gonzalez

This mythical creature was made to show the limits of what cloning could do in the future and also explore the ethical questions around it.


Flybrary by Christina Sporrong

The Flybrary is a library with all sorts of nooks and crannies to read and enjoy the books that inside the head. At the top there is a large chandelier radiating soft light and also letting a flock of birds out.

Airfield for walking in the clouds.jpg

Airfield For Walking In The Clouds by Weld Queen

This ‘Airfield’ is full of metal chairs that look like planes where participants can ‘fly away’ towards their dreams.

Black Rock Philharmonic.jpg

A most magical sunset performance from the Black Rock Philharmonic complete with fire trumpet during the 1812 Overture finale!

keys to the universe burning man piano

Keys to the Universe by Joe Dauer

This was a LED lit piano at the 7:30 & B Plaza that we randomly passed by. We stood there for awhile and enjoyed the music from several other random Burners.

Fire Vortex.jpg

No Place like HOme by Trey watkins, Mara Greenberg, Alan Becker, Karen Cusolito, Andrew Howell, Meena Sandhu, and Frogma

Surrounded by 8 fans - these two firestarters, in shiny reflective suits, goaded the fire with sprayed fuel until a big giant fire vortex would appear for 10-20 seconds. Visceral indeed.

Wheels of Zoroaster Resurrecction.jpg

Wheels of Zoroaster Resurrection by Anton Vidiz-Ward

Holy moly - when this art piece was operating it was one of the craziest things I saw on playa this year. The sound of the burning wood crashing and flying around in the metal wheels while massive ember clouds flew everywhere was staggeringly beautiful.

wings of glory by Andrian Landon

wings of glory by Adrian Landon

This giant, mechanical flying Pegasus begins to gallop and shoot fire when all eight buttons are pushed at the same time by participants.

LED Sign 2.jpg

This interactive LED sign let you pick which sides of each letter to illuminate. We picked H-O-P-E because that’s what the world needs right now.

Awfuls Gas 2.jpg

Ok another shot of Awful’s since it seemed I was there every sunrise… Here it’s about 6 am, 30 minutes before sunrise.

Grow by Ania Zboron

Grow by Ania Zboron

A Hindu inspired meditation art piece encouraging Burners to have a quiet moment to reflect.

koro loko emily nicolosi

Koro Loko by Emily Nicolosi

This multi refractive, brilliant heart shows the exuberance of colors that the heart can display.


Purr Pods by Paige Tashner

These three feline buddies share a quiet moment gazing towards the Esplanade.

cat bathtub.jpg

A cat themed bathtub art car - why not?

Monumental Mammoth

Monumental Mammoth by Tahoe Mack & Dana Albany

Depicting a life size Colombian mammoth skeleton, it’s been collaged with metal objects and is a call to help protect the Earth.

Robot Heart Sunrise 2.jpg

Robot Heart Sunrise

I definitely found myself here a couple morning sunrises in a row… the contagious joy and happiness kept bringing me back!

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