Find Serenity Amongst The Coastline - Amanoi Review


Amanoi, who's name is derived from the Sanskrit word for 'peace' and the Vietnamese word for 'place', is surrounded by the beautiful and rugged coastline of the Ninh Thuan Province on one side and on the other side lush green mountains. 

The designer, Jean-Michel Gathy, built Amanoi in keeping with the main vision of Aman to combine architecture with the natural elements of the area. All throughout the resort you can see traditional Vietnamese influences melded with modern touches. Gathy also designed other Aman resorts in Indonesia, India, Turks & Caicos Islands, Italy and Montenegro.

One of the first things I noticed is that when you land at Cam Ranh, instead of heading towards Nha Trang with all the other hordes of tourists, you head 70 minutes south to the tranquility of Amanoi. 

When you arrive via the Amanoi taxi, you're greeted by a grand staircase that leads you to the central pavilion. The pavilion is reminiscent of the communal halls in traditional Vietnamese homes. 

Overall the property was much bigger than I thought it would be - it's sprawled over 100 acres of land, of which there are 31 guest pavilions. They're each spaced out very nicely in between granite boulder outcrops and natural vegetation, so you'll feel like the only one living there. Also, half the pavilions have their own private infinity pools! 

There are also five Aman residences consisting of four or five bedroom standalone pavilions, a living room, dining area, and large private swimming pool. All of the pavilions were designed from studying traditional Vietnamese houses and merging that with modern design cues.


Make sure to visit the beautifully serene Yoga Pavilion for regularly scheduled activites such as Yoga and meditation. It's also a great place to just sit, relax, and bask in the peace of the whole area.


Luxurious bedding combined with the sound of the ocean just outside = the best sleep ever.


We really appreciated all the traditionally inspired wooden latticework on the windows, on the ceilings, and on the sliding doors.


Amanoi has two pool community pools. One of them is down the hill overlooking a private beach with access to the ocean.


The other pool is one of the most spectacular infinity pools I've ever seen. Located near the main communal hall - this infinity pool juts out impossibly towards the sky, while seeming to hover over the blue ocean.


If you're looking for a special experience next time you're in Vietnam - definitely give Amanoi consideration.